Posted by: leaveittocleaver | February 6, 2011

Love Song to Canada

Feb. 6, 2011

Artist – Album – Song

Christine Fellows – Paper Anniversary – Migrations

Tanya Davis – Clocks and Hearts Keep Going – Tra-La-La

Snowblink – Long Live – Green to Gone

The Olympic Symphonium – The City Won’t Have Time to Fight – Flame

Nathaniel Rateliff – In Memory of Loss – Early Spring Till

The Mountain Goats – All Eternals Deck – Damn These Vampires

Frederick Squire – March 12 – Pretty Bird

The Gertrudes – Hard Water – Hard Water

Little Scream – The Golden Record – Heron and the Fox

Jenn Grant – Echoes – Parachutes

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Friends in Bellwoods 2 – Rough and Tumble

Hey Rosetta! – Plan Your Escape – Swing the Cellar Door

Jason Collett – Love Song to Canada – Love Song to Canada


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