Posted by: leaveittocleaver | January 23, 2011

Head and Heart

January 23, 2011

Artist – Album – Song

(including links to free downloads)

Sister – Sister EP – Feather on the Ocean Floor

The Abramson Singers – The Abramson Singers – Take Some Good Notes (with Montag)

Damien Jurado – Drake Covers – Pink Moon (Nick Drake Cover)

Kiersten Holine – – God Only Knows (Beach Boys cover)

Ivana XL – Get Right with Santa – Nobody Does it Better (Carly Simon cover)

Loch Lomond – Little Me Will Start a Storm – Elephants & Little Girls

The Wilderness of Manitoba – Hymns of Love and Spirits – Evening

The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley

Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts – From the Photographs – Stand Right There

Mike O’Neill – The Owl – She Believes in Me

The Superfantastics – Choose Your Destination – Lullaby Punches

Hey Rosetta! – Seeds – Yer Spring

Memphis – Here Comes A City – I Want the Lights On After Dark

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Departing – Stamp (part)



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